Becoming a lawyer usually requires a college degree and a degree from a law school. Law school entails three years of full time study, or four to five years of part-time study. In almost all states, before becoming a licensed attorney a law school graduate must pass a rigorous test on the law, called the bar examination.

The campus pre-law advisors are your Cal Poly Humboldt 's primary resource, along with this website and the Career Center, for obtaining the guidance you need concerning information about applying to and attending law school, pursuing other career paths in law related careers , and finding information on pre-law activities on campus.

Preparation for the Study of Law

Pre-law is not a specific course of study in a particular discipline. There is no established major or specific course of studies for pre-law preparation. Many different routes exist for preparing for the study of law. Various legal professional organizations, such as the American Bar Association and the Association of American Law Schools, emphasize that success in a legal education comes from a background that has developed the essential skills of strong analytic thinking, including the ability to analyze arguments and situations with sound reasoning, and the ability to communicate well, both in writing and orally.

Any number of possible majors and minors, along with elective courses, could be combined in preparation for the study of law. The best advice is to choose a major that interests you, and choose as many challenging courses from other areas as possible that support your development. Perhaps the best way to prepare for law school is to take challenging courses. This will train your mind to perform well within the rigors of law school studies and later as a member of the legal profession.

Faculty Advisor

Joice Chang
Email: Joice.Chang@humboldt.edu



The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) is a nonprofit corporation whose members are more than 200 law schools in the United States and Canada. All law schools approved by the American Bar Association are LSAC members. ... The Council is best known for administering the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). ... LSAC provides a growing number of important services and programs for law schools and their applicants." [Taken from the LSAC web site.]

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